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#1 – THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO SOCIAL MARKETING – Great if you need an overview of how to market on particular social channels or evolve your social marketing strategy to a more advanced level.

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#2 – OPTIMIZE YOUR SOCIAL CHANNELS FOR LEAD GENERATION – Get more from social. Discover concrete strategies for driving leads from your social channels (great if you’re trying to make a case to invest in social programs).

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#3 – TWITTER CHEAT SHEET – Confused by the proper use of hashtags, retweeting etiquette, or how to identify and build relationships with top Twitter followers and influencers? This cheat sheet can help.

Click here: http://pages2.marketo.com/twitter-cheat-sheet-socialmediopolis.html?source=Online%20Ad&comment=socialmediopolis-onlinead-oct2012

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